Training Sessions in Derby

See below the various ways you could train!

ONE TO ONE GYM Personal Trainer

one to one training in derby

This style of training is more specific and tailored to your needs; taking into account your specific goals and targets. Goal setting on a weekly basis will support you to achieve your goal.

These sessions focus on your initial fitness levels and develop you week by week in not just your fitness but in confidence, technique and ability.

Nutrition is a fundamental part of your training and will be looked at in detail where it may need to be improved, tweaked.

You will receive advice based on the agreed goals. Individual training sessions are great for those with specific goals and a physical mental attitude!!!

2 or 3 People Training

group training in derby

This is aimed at those who work better working out with the support of others. This could be a family member or a friend and can help to tackle gym anxiety so works perfectly for some!!

This a fun and competitive way of training and  brings all  elements of fitness together; combining weights, circuits, functional, boxing, conditioning, toning, strength and explosive power training all in one session.

Training in groups is a high intensity way of training in a short amount of time but making it fun too.

Financially, the cost of your sessions is shared between your group, making achieving your goals lighter on your pocket as well as the scales!!!

Get In Shape For Your Wedding

get fir for your wedding derby

Got a big the day planned??

Worried about how you will look on your big day??

Helping each other along the way as a team, this is a fantastic way of training with your partner, giving you both a great sense of achievement as your preparations get underway!!  I am able to create a bespoke programme in preparation for your big day ranging from 4, 6, 12 week programmes or even longer if required.

You will both be completely supported throughout your programme with nutritional and practical advice as you both aim towards looking fabulous as you create memories!! 

Total Body Blast Training

body blast derby

Personal training at its highest intensity; this style of training is normally 2-3 sessions per week exhausting all the energy systems. Dropping body fat fast; increasing fitness, strength and power.

This type of training will transform your body in a short amount of time in a safe manner.

Day one - Cardio Strength

Day two - Power, working at 70-90% max heart rate

Day three - Strength and Conditioning, core stability with speed!

Pre and Post Operation and Rehabilitation

fit for operation derby

From personal experience with major operations I found that being as physically fit and strong as possible not only helped with relaxation for the operation but sped up the recovery process too, allowing me to return to my usual lifestyle and routine as quickly as possible.

This style of training combines all other training styles but with a twist.

This programme begins with high intensity prior to your procedure, and at a more relaxed and restorative pace post-procedure.

Gradually, you will increase the intensity and complexity of the sessions as you are able to return to your previous level of fitness.

There are no time restraints on how long the training gap is after the procedure and you want to start back training again, as each client has different recovery rates there will be no pressure on training until you yourself are 100% confident.

After a major injury or operation confidence and self-esteem could have taken a turn for the worse, so to get you back on your feet we can look at starting out with strengthening the area building the muscle tissue and tendons increasing flexibility in a safe manner, until we get you back up to speed with your health and fitness levels.

The training is as above with pre and post operation but the rehabilitation process can take a little longer depending on the individual.

Pre and Post Pregnancy

training whilst pregnant derby

This is a very specialist area but with the right advice and programme set up there is nothing to stop the mother from continuing with fitness and training, this can also be beneficial for the baby. The healthier the mother is, the less stressed the baby can be during birth and provides a more effective recovery for the mother.

These training sessions will incorporate lighter movement with very little intensity. Using functional moves as the base format for the training, pre and post pregnancy training helps to prepare the body to recover at a greater rate.

Strengthening the muscles prepare your body for the extra weight load it will begin to support, keeping skin tight and subtle and also helping to strengthen the joints. Light exercise can also help to alleviate aches and pains felt pre and post birth.

Most post pregnancy training can commence anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on any complications with the pregnancy or surgery. There is no pressure on when training is to commence again and you will know in yourself when you are ready to return to training!!

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